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for any garden or patio
wood pizza oven
wood fired ovens
wood pizza oven

Wood fired ovens

for any outdoor space

ideal for gardens, restaurants,
pubs & hotels
wood fired pizza oven
Custom built
Unique design
Low maintenance

Large cooking area

gives better control

cook several dishes at once

delicious pizza in minutes
wood pizza oven
wood pizza oven
Easy to use

Wood burning ovens are a great asset to the garden, easy to use and great for parties.

wood burning oven
For home cooks & professionals

We supply outdoor wood ovens to River Cottage, they use the ovens all year round at their H.Q.

wood fired ovens
More versatile than a barbecue

Enjoy Sunday lunch or baked fish, roasted vegetables, as well as creating your own favourite pizzas.

"cooking with wood is cooking at its purest"


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tel: 01636 678 653
mobile: 07532 053 237